Some former student reviews

  • “Probably the best economics professor I have had so far during my time at BU. Very accommodating, organized, and quick at getting grades/detailed feedback back to the class. Very reasonable in workload and testing material. Makes economics bearable, even enjoyable, for students like me who tend to struggle with it.”

  • “I have genuinely never had another professor that cares about teaching as much as Prof. Ortiz. He was always available and never once seemed annoyed with the amount of questions I asked (and there were a lot)…Many professors claim to be open to questions, but I have honestly never had an instructor who demonstrated the level of communication ability that Prof. Ortiz did…”

  • “Professor Ortiz was one of the best professors I have had at BU. He was able to stimulate interest in the topic and made the content much more manageable to understand. With that, Professor Ortiz was compassionate and genuine in wanting his students to succeed.”

  • “Explained concepts thoroughly and made sure students understood the material in depth. The microeconomic topics of the class were interesting and Julio’s teaching style was very effective. One of the best professors I’ve had at BU. Thanks for a great semester!!”

  • “Julio was extremely patient with us in terms of explaining concepts and problem set questions. I liked the fact that he wasn’t going to give out answers straight up, but sort of led up to it. He’s also considerate to those in different time zones”

  • “Professor Ortiz was very organized and fair with his grading and lectures. I found lectures easy to follow because slides were clear and practice problems were consistently included throughout the lectures, which made problem sets easier to understand as well. Whenever there were any questions about lecture or problem set material (whether during lecture or outside of class), Professor Ortiz responded promptly and was able to explain the problems in clear detail. Blackboard site was always updated with lecture recordings, notes, and practice problems. Tests were fair and straightforward, and anyone who had been paying attention in the class would have done well on exams. This course significantly strengthened my understanding of economics and I would recommend anyone to take this course with Professor Ortiz”

  • “He is good at inspiring students to think and he is very patient as well.”

  • “He is hardworking, makes an effort in explaining the concepts clearly. Encourages to participate and ask questions. Knows his concepts really well. takes efforts to actually explain concepts effectively always available for extra classes.”