Some reviews from former students

  • “Really good lecturer…you can tell he wants his students to understand the material as best they can…”

  • “Always available for extra help and willing to explain things in detail. Makes sure everyone understands before moving on.”

  • “I have genuinely never had another professor that cares about teaching as much as Prof. Ortiz. He was always available and never once seemed annoyed with the amount of questions I asked (and there were a lot)…Many professors claim to be open to questions, but I have honestly never had an instructor who demonstrated the level of communication ability that Prof. Ortiz did…”

  • “He makes a hard class seem easy. Lectures make clear what we have to know for exams.”

  • “Very clear, very prompt in responses, super helpful, honestly one of the best experiences ive had in a class at bu. thanks! :)”

  • “He is good at inspiring students to think and he is very patient as well.”

  • “He is hardworking, makes an effort in explaining the concepts clearly. Encourages to participate and ask questions. Knows his concepts really well. takes efforts to actually explain concepts effectively always available for extra classes.”